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Additional $86.7 Million in Development Assistance Strengthens Partnership Between the U.S. and Somalia
September 29, 2022

On September 28, Minister of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development Mohamed Abdirahman Farah, Minister of Finance Dr. Elmi Mohamud Nur, the U. S. Ambassador to Somalia Larry André Jr., and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Somalia Mission Director Jeffrey Bakken signed a development assistance agreement between the United States and Somalia totaling 86.7 million dollars. The agreement reflects the unwavering U.S. commitment to Somalia’s prosperity and self-reliance.

“This is a $30 million increase from the amount provided last year,” said Ambassador André.  “This increase demonstrates U.S. support for the development initiatives of the new government.  What the American people have done is convey through action our confidence in this government.”

Minister of Planning Farah thanked the United States for the development assistance saying, “Somalia exceedingly welcomes USAID’s continued support to realize inclusive economic development across Somalia. There are no limits to what our two countries can achieve together through partnership and cooperation.”

Minister of Finance Nur added, “This USAID assistance is coming at a time when the Somali people really need it – a time when Somalia is facing multidimensional shocks including security and climate change.”

The new agreement outlines how USAID will program the $86.7 million in development assistance to help Somalia build long-term resilience and stability. The American people have continuously provided foreign assistance to Somalia for more than 15 years helping to create over 23,000 jobs in the agriculture, fisheries and livestock sectors, supporting 14,000 small businesses with better access to markets and technology, and providing 140,000 Somali children and youth with the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills necessary to improve their lives and contribute to Somalia’s future.  Additionally, over 40,000 young Somali women are benefiting from savings and civic groups that create economic opportunities and social networks. Finally, local governments and communities are implementing more transparent governance practices and safety conditions to drive long-term stability.