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Ambassador André on Weapons and Ammunition Management
Ambassador André's Remarks at the Closing Session of the Weapons and Ammunition Management Conf
March 22, 2023

Remarks by Ambassador Larry André at the closing ceremony of Weapons and Ammunition Management Conference

Mogadishu, Somalia

March 22, 2023


Good afternoon. It is an honor to be here with you, distinguished members representing the Federal Government of Somalia, Federal Member States, and the international community. We welcome theopportunity to sponsor this conference on the important topic of Weapons and Ammunition Management.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s administration is taking decisive steps to meet the sanctions regime benchmarks.  Doing so produces benefits for Somalia and addresses the UN Security Council’s criteria for lifting the sanctions regime.

We welcome the Federal Government of Somalia’s commendable progress on weapons and stockpile management.  The modifications in the current resolution reflect that progress and recognize the work Somalia continues to achieve. 

The United States Government remains committed to continuing our support for Somalia’s successand ensuring Somali forces can obtain the weaponsthey need to defeat al-Shabaab while mitigating the risk that weapons fall into the wrong hands.  

For example, over the last five years, through our great partnership with the HALO Trust and Somali Security forces, we eliminated 15 tons of obsolete, unusable, and unstable ammunition.  Our partnership has trained over 225 personnel in physical security and stockpile management to ensure facilities are utilized safely and effectively, according to international best practices.

We built and refurbished 25 structures with enhancements to meet security standards.  One of these buildings includes the SNA’s main armsstorage, Halane Armory, located just minutes from this venue.  

We are proud of this work that has made the armory significantly safer both for the Somali security force personnel who use it, and the population that lives and works nearby. I would like to recognize the HALO Trust for this important work.

These results are prime examples of the positivecooperation among Somalia, the United States, and the wider international community on safe and secure weapons and ammunition management.  

This conference will further our partnership to bring Somalia’s weapons and ammunition management practices to world class standards.  This effort furthers our collective commitment to peace and security for the Somali people.