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Remarks by Chargé d'Affaires Dixon At the Launch of National Communication Strategy
August 21, 2023

Remarks by Chargé d'Affaires Dixon At the Launch of National Communication Strategy

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Minster of Information, other Ministers and federal, state, and local government officials, members of the media and civil society.

Good morning, it is an honor to be with you here today on behalf of the Government of the United States.  Congratulations to all who have contributed toward developing a National Communication Strategy to educate and inform the people of Somalia of their government’s work.

By amplifying accurate and credible information, we collectively diminish the influence of groups that seek to hold Somalia back.

When the people of Somalia are empowered with accurate information, they can make informed choices and reject false narratives.

Those false narratives include al-Shabaab’s twisted ideology of hatred.

The United States continues to support a comprehensive, Somali-led approach – including today’s focus on communications and messaging – to eliminate terrorist threats and restore stability in Somalia.  We are your partner in developing the Somali security forces, disrupting terrorist financing, and promoting political reconciliation and economic growth to address the conditions that allow terrorism to take root.

Those conditions include a lack of information, al-Shabaab’s seizure of mobile phones, promotion of false narratives, and destruction of radio and cell towers.

The United States stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Somalia in your relentless pursuit for peace and security.

I hope today’s communication strategy encourages us to talk more about it – the progress made during the past year, the importance to sustain it, and the next steps we can take together toward a safer and more prosperous Somalia.

Thank you, again.  Mahadsanid.