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Somalia and United States Graduate 342 Somali National Army Danab Soldiers
August 8, 2023

Somali Version

Mogadishu, Somalia: On August 3, 342 recruits of the Somali National Army Danab Advanced Infantry Brigade completed an intensive basic military training program.  The graduation ceremony, held at the Baledogle Military Airfield, included the participation of U.S. Embassy to Somalia Chargé d’Affaires Shane Dixon, Somali Minister of Defense Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur, and Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier-General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhiyadin Addow.

“You, along with other Somali forces, will build Somalia’s future, beginning with security,” said Dixon.  “The United States is united with you in this effort.  We will continue to support you to win peace and prosperity for the people of Somalia.”

The new soldiers join more than 1,700 SNA-Danab, who in the past 12 months have played a leading role in the fight against al-Shabaab and the liberation of more than 100 towns and villages across central Somalia from the terrorist group’s violence and extortion.

The United States supports the people and the government of Somalia in its campaign to degrade al-Shabaab’s ability to conduct attacks across the region, disrupt its illicit financing, and diminish the use of Somalia as a haven to support external terrorist operations that threaten the security of Somalia, the United States, and U.S. interests in East Africa.  U.S. military assistance joins diplomatic and development efforts to advance prosperity and democracy for both countries.