Statement from United States Mission to Somalia On International Day of Democracy

As the world marks the International Day of Democracy on September 15, the United States congratulates the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) for its continued progress towards a more inclusive democratic governance system and the peaceful transition to a new government in early 2017.

The United States encourages the FGS to continue to enhance its commitment to democratization by putting in place the legal and institutional tools needed to make progress towards one-person one-vote elections in 2020/2021, complete the constitutional review, and build strong credible institutions that are accountable to the people of Somalia.

Somalia is a country recovering from many years of conflict, and the road to democracy is long and full of challenges.  We encourage all stakeholders to rise above political distractions in order to work together to achieve progress in democratization and good governance.

The United States remains a strong partner to Somalia in its effort to build strong, credible, and democratic institutions that will promote peace and stability in the country.


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