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The United States Commits Additional Funding to Prevent Child and Early Marriage in Somalia
April 6, 2023

The United States will commit an additional $500,000 to prevent child, early and forced marriages and unions in Somalia. The United States will increase its contribution to the Adolescent Girls Education in Somalia (AGES) Program, implemented by CARE International.

Education is one of the biggest factors that contributes to girls marrying later in life. Currently, less than 25 percent of Somali girls are enrolled in formal schools. Young women empowered with skills, such as literacy, numeracy, financial literacy, and leadership, make healthier decisions for themselves and their families.

The United States Agency for International Development and United Kingdom Foreign Commonwealth and Development Organization jointly support the AGES program, which is providing 80,000 marginalized adolescent girls and young women the opportunity to gain foundational skills, as well as life and leadership skills.

The additional funding will support further leadership and empowerment components tailored to the needs of adolescent girls and young women in their communities.


For more information, please contact the U.S. Embassy’s public diplomacy section at SomaliaPublicAffairs@state.gov.